the BENEFITs of freelance

More Time

More Money​

Freelance support helps generate more revenue by increasing your firm’s productivity – allowing you to get more work done without adding to your overhead. By increasing productivity and revenue without adding to your expenses, your practice becomes a profit machine.

More Time

More Time​

Outsourcing means more time to increase billable hours, answer emails, call clients, develop marketing and networking efforts, and serve the individual needs of your practice.  This freedom allows you to prioritize work and manage your days efficiently, spending more of your time on the matters that need it most.

More Flexibility

More Flexibility​

No minimum rates, no sign-up fees and no long-term commitments. You can outsource work on an hourly basis, flat-fee or monthly membership plan.  Choose a pricing model that works best for you. If your needs change over time, modify our services to fit your changing needs and maximize the benefits for your practice.

More Efficiency

More Efficiency​

Using freelance support means you can scale up or down instantly, using only the support you need at that time.  Create a team of dedicated freelancers to help when you’re busy.  If things slow down, there are no added overhead costs to worry about, making freelance support the better option for your business.

More Growth

More Growth​

With our services you’re able to handle a heavier workload while keeping your expenses in check. Now you can delegate the time-consuming tasks like researching, drafting letters, document review, etc. Hire our freelancers to complete these assignments at a lower rate while you build your clientele and concentrate on high-value services.

More Satisfaction

More Satisfaction​

Running a law firm can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By utilizing the full scope of our freelance services, you can delegate tasks that cause you stress, tackle your priorities efficiently and spend more time doing the work you enjoy most. When you spend your day doing things you enjoy, it stops feeling like work. We’re here to help!

the tool you need to increase revenue and grow your practice.

let Our attorneys manage your time-intensive projects and repetitive tasks
while you focus on high-value items and business development.
Custom Services

Custom Support Designed for Your Law Firm

We offer customized support at affordable rates that fit your needs.  Designed to be flexible, we offer services payable by the hour, on a flat-fee or a custom monthly membership plan.

You can modify services as your needs change – which means you only pay for what you want.  It’s that simple.


For many assignments, we offer hourly billing wth rates based on the scope of work. Use our online proposal form to give us the necessary details of your assignment and we’ll send a quote. Confirm the quote and we’ll get to work.


For more in-depth work, we offer flat-fee billing done on a per-project basis. Sometimes you’ll have assignments that will span days or weeks, which can make hourly billing difficult or inefficient. This option allows our freelance attorney to assess the scope of a project and agree to a flat-fee amount that benefits both parties.


This is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to engage our full services, on-demand. We’ll develop a plan that fits your budget and allows you to modify services and adapt to changing needs. But more importantly, we strive to build on our results month after month. After all, our success is based on yours.


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