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We are a network of specialized freelance attorneys that provide on-demand legal support to small and mid-size law firms. Our services are designed to make your law firm more efficient, more productive and more profitable. But we go a step further by implementing custom support tailored to your firm’s goals. Whether you want to increase revenue without hiring staff, decrease overhead to operate more efficiently, catch up on a backlog of work, or simply to improve your work-life balance, we’ll focus on the areas that will help you achieve those goals and create your ideal practice.

To get started, create your free account by following this link. Once you’ve registered, you will gain access to our Client Portal, where you can submit tasks, track pending tasks, upload documents, chat with our team, and more. If you have questions regarding specific tasks you want to send us, head over to our contact page and drop us a line.

The majority of our services are billed on an hourly basis.  For ongoing or long-term projects, we also create custom pricing plans, both hourly and flat-fee.  For specific pricing information or to discuss custom options, please contact us.

Absolutely. Using our convenient Client Portal, you can chat directly with any freelance attorneys working on your tasks. In addition to contacting us by phone or email, you can also use the Client Portal to submit general inquiries to our team.

Regarding the use of freelance attorneys, you should consult all rules, ethical opinions, guidelines, etc. of the applicable Bar Association and jurisdiction where you practice. With that said, you are generally required to disclose the nature of our services if your client would likely consider it to be material. You can also consider adding language to your retainer agreement disclosing the fact that you may utilize freelance attorneys to provide support on certain tasks.

Of course! When submitting a task, you will need to provide information about all parties involved in the matter. Once we receive the submitted task, our freelance attorney will conduct a conflict check before getting underway. You have the option to request written confirmation of the conflict check through the Client Portal. You, as a hiring attorney, will still need to ensure that no conflict exists with any other party to a particular matter.

All of our freelance attorneys are actively licensed, meaning that each are bound by the applicable rules, ethical opinions, guidelines, etc., for each jurisdiction in which they are licensed (in addition to the contractual requirements they must abide by to provide services under The Freelance Firm). Therefore, any time you engage a freelance attorney for support, they are ethically and contractually obligated as licensed attorneys to maintain all confidential and/or privileged information you provide. We strongly encourage all hiring attorneys to provide only the information that is necessary for a freelancer to complete a task.

Yes you can. Our Client Portal allows you to upload supporting documents so you can provide your freelance attorney with everything they need to get your task done. This will also allow you to upload any forms or templates for your freelance attorney to use, which will help reduce turnaround time as well as the total cost. See? We’re trying to save you money!

We know that our freelance attorneys are our greatest asset, which is why we take extensive steps to vet our freelance candidates. Aside from resumes, we conduct telephone/video interviews, we contact references, review writing samples, as well as taking other measures to determine whether or not a candidate meets our strict standards. We are also happy to provide resumes and writing samples of our freelance attorneys upon request.

Outsourcing work to our freelance attorneys will provide numerous benefits to both you and your practice. Our freelance support can help you increase revenues (and profits); decrease overhead expenses; operate your practice more efficiently; scale productivity by using multiple freelance attorneys; create extra time to spend on business development; improve work-life balance; and others. Contact us to learn how our custom freelance solutions can help your practice take advantage of these and other benefits.

As a hiring attorney, almost all jurisdictions permit* the adding of a surcharge to our rates when billing your client for that particular work. By adding a surcharge, you’re able to retain a profit margin on the work you outsource to us. Not only that, but when you outsource, it means you’ll have more time to increase your own billable hours, the combination of which can significantly increase your effective billable hour rate. Our freelance support can also help you decrease overhead expenses and scale productivity, without more staff. When revenue goes up and expenses go down, you become more profitable. *It is important to note that there may be certain restrictions and/or limitations on adding a surcharge depending on the jurisdiction where you practice, therefore, we strongly encourage you to consult the rules, regulations and ethical guidelines governing your jurisdiction first.

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