Recent surveys highlight major concerns for Florida lawyers (and how using freelance legal services can help!)

Freelance legal services

Being a lawyer comes with its fair share of challenges.  Using freelance legal services can increase profits, reduce stress and improve your work-life balance.

Recent attorney surveys, including the 2017 Florida Bar Association Membership Opinion Survey, highlight a number of important issues facing Florida lawyers today.

A few examples of the survey results included:

Average hours per week devoted to legal profession:
40-49 hours – 27% | 50-59 hours – 29% | 60+ hours – 32%

(The average amount of billable time was just 26 hours/week)

Top factors that had “major impact” on an attorney’s ability to successfully practice law:
Client expectations – 68%
Work-life balance – 49%
Increased competition – 30%

3 biggest challenges you face as an attorney?
High stress – 39%
Balancing family and work – 37%
Time management – 23%
Net revenue – 18%

How much stress do you experience in the practice of law?
Some stress – 50%
A great deal of stress – 44%

Agree or Disagree: My work and personal life has good balance.
61% of attorneys under the age of 65 DISAGREED with that statement.

Needless to say, there is definitely a pattern emerging from these survey results. The major issues facing attorneys revolve around not having enough time, high stress levels, generating enough revenue, increased competition and achieving a stable work-life balance.

The Freelance Firm has designed freelance legal services to provide support for attorneys facing these challenges in their own practices. More importantly, our #LegalServices and #LitigationSupport can be implemented in a variety of ways to help each law firm address their individual areas of concern.

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